About us

Established in 2009, AK Services provides services of IT, Business Processing’s, ePublishing services and Geospatial Services. The company’s objective is to use experienced professionals and technology to provide low cost services and quick turnarounds while meeting the highest quality standards. Perfect execution of projects, our customers have helped AK Services achieve an average annual growth of over 30%. In turn, customers benefit from a savings in production costs, lower overheads, increased throughput, and the ability to meet peak demands while maximizing profits.


Providing world class outsourcing services.


Our vision is to grow into a leading Business processing unit and ePublishing and Geospatial service provider and a reputed IT services company that provides reliable solutions to the industry.

Our Values

Our values are a direct reflection of our best practices and commitment to Customers, Employees, Investors and Society.

  • Understand Customer's needs and deliver more than promised
  • Provide an enjoyable work environment to employees, nurture their talent and recognize their performance
  • Contribute judiciously to make the world a better place to live in.

AK Services Partnering with AgileSoftLabs for IT Services