Geospatial Services


  • Planimetrics Mapping
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Land Use Mapping
  • DTM
  • DEM
  • Digital Orthophotography


  • GIS Mapping
  • Image Processing
  • Data Format Conversion
  • Land Cover and Change Mapping
  • DEM/DTM Generation
  • Modelling
  • Database Management

Remote Sensing

  • Forest Mapping
  • Flood Mapping
  • Surface Modeling
  • Wetland Mapping
  • Digital Terrain Extraction

Ortho Generation

  • Ortho Photo Rectification
  • Mosaicing
  • Orthophoto Mapping

3D City Modelling

  • Digital Surface Modeling (DSM)
  • Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
  • Urban Modeling
  • Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Services
  • Flood Mapping

LiDar Process

AK Services experience in working all category of LiDar process including

  • Strip Adjustment of LiDar Data, and
  • PLS-CADD (Power Line Systems)

GIS Development

  • GIS System Development division of AK Services develops (GIS) for a wide range of applications, from GIS services, asset management and operational systems to mobile and Internet applications and integration of GIS services.

AK Services provides Comprehensive services on Photogrammetry, Ortho, 3D City Modelling, GIS, Remote Sensing and LiDar Process. For further advanced details on our services kindly email Parthasarathy -